Research Committee on 
Sociology of Agriculture and Food RC40


Approved in September 2010


I.A. Members are those who pay RC-40 dues and participate in the scientific activities of the committee. Dues are set by the Executive Committee of RC-40.

I.B. Members of RC-40 have the right to
I.B.1. Run for office
I.B.2. Vote in all RC-40 elections
I.B.3. Participate in RC-40 business meetings
I.B.3.a. To participate in the quadrennial business meetings, individuals must be members of the International Sociological Association
I.B.4. Have priority status for participation in any of the scientific activities of the committee

I.C. Members are strongly urged to maintain membership in good standing in the International Sociological Association

I.D. Officers of the RC-40 are
I.D.1. The President
I.D.2. The Secretary
I.D.3. The Executive Committee, which consists of
I.D.3.a. The current president and secretary-treasurer
I.D.3.b. The immediate past president and secretary-treasurer
I.D.3.c. Four elected representatives

I.E. Officers are elected in the year prior to the quadrennial World Congress and take office at that Congress
I.E.1. Officers cannot succeed themselves
I.E.2. All Officers must be members in good standing in the International Sociological Association

I.F. Duties of the President
I.F.1. The president has executive authority to organize the scientific and administrative work of the committee in consultation with the secretary-treasurer and members of the executive committee
I.F.2. The president convenes and organizes the quadrennial business meeting as well as any meetings of the executive committee
I.F.3. The president appoints the editorial committee of the International Journal of the Sociology of Agriculture and Food
I.F.4. The president, with the assistance of the secretary, organizes the publication and distribution of the semi-annual newsletter

I.G. Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer
I.G.1. The secretary assists the president in the coordination of the scientific and business activities of RC-40
I.G.2. The secretary-treasurer shall maintain a record of all committee business and executive meetings, and maintain the financial records
I.G.3. The secretary shall make a yearly financial accounting to the executive committee and a quadrennial financial accounting to the membership at the quadrennial business meeting
I.G.4. The secretary shall be responsible for conducting the elections of new officers

I.H. Duties of the Members of the Executive Committee
I.H.1. Advise the President and Secretary on all scientific and business matters pertaining to the activities of the Research Committee
I.H.2. Review the secretary's annual financial report


II.A. To promote and encourage scientific analysis of the social organization of agriculture and food systems
II.B. Organization of the substantive content of the RC-40 session of the quadrennial meetings of the World Congress of Sociology

II.C. Organization of additional international meetings, including those that are held in conjunction with the World Congress and other scientific meetings


III.A. The International Journal of the Sociology of Agriculture and Food is the official scientific journal of RC-40.

III.B. The content of the journal shall reflect the scientific interests of the Research Committee, which is the sociological study of agriculture and food.

III.C. The editor(s) are appointed by the president in conjunction with the executive committee. The term of service for editors shall be negotiated in consultation with the executive committee.

III.D. The editors shall between them nominate a representative who is the main point of contact for, and liaison between, the journal and the executive committee.

III.E. The editors shall, in consultation with the executive committee, appoint an editorial assistant to take charge of the daily running of the journal. The editorial assistant shall have responsibility for co-ordinating the entire submission, reviewing and publication process; responding to contributors; liaising with reviewers; maintaining the website; ensuring that the editors are provided with regular updates on contributions and reviewing; and, assisting in the planning of future issues.

III.F. The president of RC-40, in consultation with the editors and the members of the executive committee, shall appoint the members of the editorial board. The editorial board members consist of distinguished researchers in the sociology of agriculture and food and at the time of appointment must be members of RC-40.

III.G. The executive committee shall, where possible, provide financial support to ensure the ongoing viability of the journal.

III.H. The editors shall transmit regular reports on the journal to the RC-40 newsletter and shall present a report at the quadrennial business meeting.

III.I. The editors shall transmit a complete record of journal finances to the secretary of RC-40, who shall add those records to the yearly financial report that is to be submitted to the executive committee and the quadrennial report submitted to the business meeting.


IV.A. Amendments to the by-laws can be submitted by any member in good standing of the Research Committee.

IV.B. Amendments must be initially approved at RC-40 business meetings

IV.C. Amendments must then be ratified by mail ballot of members by a majority of those voting


Posted at January 27, 2011
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