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"Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives"
Volume 2
East Asia: Sociology in East Asia and Its Stuggle for Creativity

Table of contents

Editor: Su-Hoon Lee

Introduction: Sociology from An East Asian Perspective
Su-Hoon Lee

  • Part I  Institutionalization of Sociology in East Asia

  • Chapter 1 Institutionalization of Sociology in Korea
    Myoung Kyu Park

    Chapter 2 Institutionalization of Sociology in Japan
    Shoji Kokichi

    Chapter 3 Institutionalization of Sociology in China
    Ma Rong

    Chapter 4 Issues of the Institutionalization of Sociology in Taiwan
    Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

  • Part II   Westernization, Indigenization, and a True Universalism

  • Chapter 5 Toward Culturally "Independent" Social Sciences: The Issue of Indigenization in East Asia
    Kim Kyong-Dong

    Chapter 6 Western Theory, East Asian Realities and the Social
    Syed Farid Alatas

    Chapter 7 Sociology in Korea and Gender Issues
    Chin Sung Chung 

  • Part III The Asian Culture, Its Modern Experiences, and Sociology

  • Chapter 8 Women in Chinese Economic Development
    Aiguo Lu

    Chapter 9 Learning from Odd Cases: A Hong Kong Perspective
    Tai-Lok Lui

    Chapter 10 The Confucian Tradition of Civil Society as a Rich Terrain for Sociological Discourse
    Hein Cho

    Chapter 11 Why Do we need a Reflexive Sociology in East Asia?
    Sang-Jin Han

Updated 03-MARCH-99