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"Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives"
Volume 3
East-Central Europe: Building open Society and Perspectives of Sociology in East-Central Europe

Table of contents

Editor: Piotr Sztompka

Introduction: The Lessons of 1989 for Sociological Theory
Piotr Sztompka

  • Part I Theorizing Post-Communism

  • Chapter 1 1989 and After: Meanings, Explanations, Lessons
    Göran Therborn

    Chapter 2 Transition as a Topic for Sociological Analysis
    Jacques Coenen-Huther

    Chapter 3 Post-Transitology or is there any Life after Transition?
    Mira Marody

  • Part II Applying Certain Theories

  • Chapter 4 Sociology on Trial: the Challenge of Transformation Risks
    Nikolai Genov

    Chapter 5 Social Systems without Indigenous Features? A Contribution to Neo-Modernization Theory
    Mojca Novak

    Chapter 6 Theories of Transition: Is there any Room for Rational Choice Theory?
    Bruno Grancelli

    Chapter 7 Becoming of Political Sociology in Russia: The First Steps
    Elena Zdravomyslova

  • Part III The Focus on Culture

  • Chapter 8 Nationalism and Collective Interests: Pitfalls of the Citizenship Development after the Collapse of Communism
    Grazyna Skapska

    Chapter 9 Transformations of Public Sphere and Changing Role of the Media in Post-Communist Society
    Marju Lauristin

    Chapter 10 Democracy and Public Opinion Research: The Lessons of the Polish Transformation
    Antoni Sulek

  • Part IV The Focus on Space

  • Chapter 11 Territorial Decentralization: A Stumbling Block of Democratic Reforms en East-Central Europe
    Michal Illner

    Chapter 12 What's after the Nation State? An Attempt at Sociological Prophecy
    Hieronim Kubiak

Updated 03-MARCH-99