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"Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives"
Volume 4
Feminist Perspectives: The Global Feminist Enlightenment: Women and Social Knowledge

Table of contents

Editor: Linda Christiansen-Ruffman

Introduction: The Global Feminist Enlightenment: Women and Social Knowledge
Linda Christiansen-Ruffman

    Chapter 1 Developing Feminist Sociological Knowledge: Processes of Discovery
    Linda Christiansen-Ruffman

    Chapter 2 The Feminist Enlightenment
    Jessie Bernard

    Chapter 3 Challenging Sociology: Feminist Critical Reconceptualisations and Caribbean Contributions
    Rhoda Reddock

    Chapter 4 Engendering Family Studies and Sociology: A Perspective from India
    Neera Desai

    Chapter 5 Decolonizing the Iceberg Economy: New Feminist Concepts for a Sustainable Society
    Maria Mies

    Chapter 6 Redefining Political Spaces and the Concept of Politics: Migrating Practices of Consciousness-Raising
    Paola Melchiori

    Chapter 7 Patriarchy, Coloniality and Women's Urban and Rural Spaces in Southern Africa: On Being an African Feminist Scholar and Activist
    Patricia McFadden

    Chapter 8 Feminist Sociology and Social Movement: New Possibilities, New Paradigms for Sociology and the World 
    Angela Miles

Updated 03-MARCH-99