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"Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives"
Volume 5
Latin America: Sociology in Latin America

Table of contents

Editors: Roberto Briceño-León and Heinz R. Sonntag

Introduction: Latin American Sociology Caught Between People, Time and Development
Roberto Briceño-León and Heinz R. Sonntag

Chapter 1 The Colonial Nature of Power and Latin America's Cultural Experience
Aníbal Quijano

Chapter 2 Past and Future of Sociological Analysis in Latin America: the Case of Sociology of Education
Orlando Albornoz

Chapter 3 The Challenges Facing Latin America Sociology: Something of What We Have, Something of What We Seek
Raquel Sosa Elizaga

Chapter 4 The Forthcoming Sociology. Thinking After Post-Modernity
Rigoberto Lanz

Chapter 5 Eurocentrism and Colonialism in the Latinamerican Social Thought
Edgardo Lander

Chapter 6 Sociology and Science: Towards a Fruitful Dialogue Between the Two Cultures?
Hebe M.C. Vessuri

Chapter 7 Some Dilemmas and Challenges for Social Sciences in Brazil
Paulo César Alves

Chapter 8 The Roots of Brazilian Sociology's Contributions to Latin American Social Thought
Emir Sader

Chapter 9 Reinventing the Craft: The Challenge of Restructuring Social Science Research in Latin America for the Next Millennium
Marcia Rivera

Chapter 10 The Future of Social Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean
Francisco López Segrera

Chapter 11 Restructuring the Social Sciences: Toward a New Paradigm
Pablo González Casanova

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