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"Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives"
Volume 7
North America: Millennial Milestone. The Heritage and Future of Sociology in the North American Region

Table of contents

Editor: Janet L. Abu-Lughod

Introduction: The Heritage and Future of Sociology
Janet L. Abu-Lughod

Chapter 1 Observations on Bureaucratic Capitalism: Knowledge about What and Why
Gideon Sjoberg

Chapter 2 Consciousness, Meaning and Ruling Relations: From Women's Standpoint
Doroty E. Smith

Chapter 3 The Future of U.S. Society in an Era of Racism, Group Segregation,  and Demographic Revolution
Joe R. Feagin

Chapter 4 Erosion of the Nation-State and Transformation of National Identities
Gilles Bourque and Jules Duchastel

Chapter 5 Craked Casings: Notes Towards an Analytics for Studying Transnational Processes
Saskia Sassen

Chapter 6 The Privatization of Community: From Public Groups to Unbounded Networks?
Barry Wellman

Updated 03-MARCH-99