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"Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives"
Volume 8
Nordic European Countries: From a Doll´s House to the Welfare State: Reflections on Nordic Sociology

Table of contents

Editors: Margareta Bertilsson and Göran Therborn

Introduction: From a Doll's House to the Welfare State, and Then?
Göran Therborn and Margaretta Bertilsson

Chapter 1 Lessons from the Rise of a National Sociological Heritage
Erik Allardt

Chapter 2 Structural Tradition and Cultural Studies in Finnish Sociology
Risto Alapuro

Chapter 3 Norway: Sociology in a Welfare Society
Frederik Engelstad

Chapter 4 Sociology in Sweden: Challenges, Renewals and/or Retreats?
Johanna Esseveld

Chapter 5 Danish Sociology: The Need for a New Beginning
Peter Gundelach

Chapter 6 Youth and Sociology: The Nordic Contribution in a Global Perspective
Gestur Gudmundsson

Chapter 7 Nordic Comparative Historical Macrosociology
Lars Mjoset

Chapter 8 Organic Solidarity in the Phase of Reflexive Modernisation
John Andersen

Chapter 9 Causal Realism and Swedish Sociology before 1968 Tomas Brante

Chapter 10 Icelandic Sociology and the Social Production of Criminological Knowledge
Helgi Gunnlaugsson

Chapter 11 Gender and Health - The Hidden Asset in Finnish Sociology
Elianne Riska

Chapter 12 The Contradictory Logics of Institutions
Soren Christensen and Ann Westenholz

Updated 03-MARCH-99