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Challenges for a Global Sociology

In March 2009, the ISA Council of National Assocations held a conference in Taipei, under the theme Facing an Unequal World. "Challenges for a Global Sociology" is a short documentary filmed at the conference (and later edited) by Annie Lin and Ana Villarreal, capturing major challenges faced by sociologists from different parts of the world.

One Day in the Life of a Sociologist: Esther Oliver

"One Day in the Life of a Sociologist" is a film series depicting sociology in action. Here is one day in the life of Esther Oliver, a sociologist at CREA (Institute for Overcoming Inequality) in Barcelona. We hope to have many more such short films from around the globe.

“The Knowledge Industry and Counter-Power:
Subversive Futures for Intellectual Workers”
Official Last Lecture, or anti-inaugural,
Raewyn Connell, Professor Emerita, University of Sydney, Australia

XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology

Sociology on the Move
Presidential address
Michael Wievorka, France, ISA President 2006-2010
Posible Futures
Craig Calhoun, New York University, USA

Sustainable development seen from China
Peilin Li, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, P.R. China
Historical changes and challenges to sociology
Elisa Reis, University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  Lecture by Jeffrey Alexander
Harvard University, USA
Winner of M. Dogan Foundation Prize
ISA Colloque 1977

The International Sociological Association organised ten regional conferences in preparation for the XIV ISA World Congress of Sociology held in Montreal, July 1998 on the theme "Social knowledge, heritage, challenges, and perspectives." Papers presented at those conferences were published by the ISA.

The below video records discussions held at the "integration" colloquium chaired by the project coordinator, Immanuel Wallerstein, ISA President 1994-1998.

ISA Colloque Montreal 1977 Part 1 ISA Colloque Montreal 1977 Part 2
Part 1 Part 2
ISA Colloque Montreal 1977 Part 1
ISA Colloque Montreal 1977 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4



The ISA is a member of the International Social Science Council and enjoys a status of the Non-Governmental Organization in formal associate relations with UNESCO and special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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