Acting Globally


- S. Majumdar and S. Galleguillos, Using a Sociological Lens to Address Violence Against Women. An Interview with Shruti Majumdar. Global Dialogue, August 2022, volume 12 issue 2.
Interview of sociologist Shruti Majumdar by ISA Youth Representative Sebastián Galleguillos. Dr. Majumdar is currently the acting Program Manager for the Ending Violence Against Women portfolio at UN Women’s Afghanistan office. In this interview she explains how she has used her sociological lens to build an international career.

- S. Galleguillos and C. Pugliese, The United Nations Victim Approach Revisited: A Review of the Literature on Sexual Assault and Gender-Based Violence Hotlines. Violence Against Women, 2022, Vol. 28(8), 1858–1872.
This article co-authored by ISA Youth Representative Sebastián Galleguillos addresses the UN regulation of victims’ access to justice and analyzes recent studies on victims’ use of hotlines. It was published in the special issue “Prioritizing the Elimination of Violence Against Women Worldwide: Lessons From the 65th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women” in the journal Violence Against Women. This special issue was co-edited by ISA Representative Dr. Rosemary Barberet. See also introduction by co-editors. You can also listen to a podcast about this special issue.