ISA World Congress of Sociology


Deadlines for the 2022 World Congress program completion

May 15, 2021  24:00 GMT
Announcing Program Coordinators:  RC/WG/TG provide name and contact details of Program Coordinator to the ISA Secretariat

May 15, 2021  24:00 GMT
Submission of proposals to the ISA Secretariat for:

May 31, 2021: Announcing the Program Committee decision on accepted proposals

April 30 – May 31, 2021  24:00 GMT

Call for Sessions

  • RC/WG/TG session proposer must submit session’s description on-line via Confex platform.  
  • Descriptions of Invited Session (RC/WG/TG, Presidential, Plenary, LOC sessions, etc.) must submit session’s description on-line via Confex platform.  

June 1 – June 25, 2021  24:00 GMT
Final list of Sessions: RC/WG/TG Program Coordinator must finalize a list of sessions. Sessions format, titles, descriptions and the language in which they will be held (English, French or Spanish), as well as contact details of session organizers (name, affiliation, country, e-mail) will be available on the ISA conference platform run by Confex.

July 1 – September 30, 2021  24:00 GMT
Abstracts submission: Participants and organizers of invited sessions must submit abstracts on-line via Confex platform. Abstracts must be submitted in English, French or Spanish. Only abstracts submitted on-line will be considered in the selection process.

October 7 – November 4, 2021  24:00 GMT
Abstracts selection:  Session Organizer must complete selection of abstracts and provide a final presentation designation (oral, distributed, poster, round table). Session Organizers move good quality abstracts unsuited for their sessions to the Program Coordinator’s bin for transfer to another session.

November 5 – 25 November 2021  24:00 GMT
Abstracts re-location: Program Coordinator re-locates good quality abstracts considered unsuited by Session Organizers from the Program Coordinator's bin to other sessions.

December 2, 2021  24:00 GMT
Notification letters: Confex sends notification letters to authors and co-authors of accepted abstracts, and to authors of rejected abstracts

March 18, 2022
Registration deadline for presenters: Registration must be paid by the deadline. Confex matches registrations with accepted presenters and will send out last reminder to register. Presenters who have failed to register will be automatically deleted from the program.

April 1 – 18, 2022
Session Organizer modifies sessions based on withdrawal of non-registered presenters.