ISA World Congress of Sociology

Guidelines for Program Coordinators and Session Organizers

1. Conference format

Session allocation

The number of sessions will be allocated based on the number of the ISA members in good standing in the group as of October 2020 according to the scheme provided below. Members in good standing are individual members who have paid both ISA and the RC/WG/TG membership due for the current year.

Nº of ISA members in each group as of October 2020 Nº of sessions
250 members and more 26
200-249 members 24
150-199 members 22
100-149 members 18
50- 99 members 14
25- 49 members 10
<25 members 6

The number of allocated sessions is the total number of all sessions assigned to RC/WG/TG and includes all types of sessions as well as:

  1. A time slot for a Business Meeting;
  2. Joint sessions. Joint sessions cannot constitute more than 50% of all sessions in which a RC/WG/TG is involved (as host and/or co-organizer).