ISA World Congress of Sociology



March 20, 2018
March 20, 2018
Regular fees    
Category A    
Member ISA 440 US$ 480 US$
Non-Member 660 US$ 700 US$
Category B    
Member ISA 198 US$ 238 US$
Non-Member 290 US$ 330 US$
Category C    
Member ISA 151 US$ 191 US$
Non-Member 182 US$ 222 US$
Student fees    
Category A    
Student member ISA 120 US$ 160 US$
Student non-Member 226 US$ 266 US$
Category B    
Student member ISA 110 US$ 150 US$
Student non-Member 154 US$ 194 US$
Category C    
Student member ISA 100 US$ 140 US$
Student non-Member 124 US$ 164 US$

Congress registration fees are divided into:

  • Regular and Student fees

    Students (up to PhD) must provide a copy of the valid student card or equivalent at the Registration Desk. Student registration fee depends on the country where the student pursues his/her studies in the current year.

  • ISA Member and Non-Member fees

    ISA Members are scholars who have paid their individual membership fees for the current year. Click here to join ISA.

    Important Note about ISA Membership:
    Processing an ISA membership or renewal requires 2 to 3 business days. Updated membership status will not appear in the Confex registration system until processing is complete. Your membership status MUST be resolved prior to paying registration fees as no refunds will be given. Note that all membership requests must be completed by 25 June, 2018 if you wish to register as a member on-site. On-site membership requests will not be allowed.

  • Economy categories: A, B, and C

    Each participant must identify the category in which her/his country of residence is classified and pay the registration fee corresponding to this category. The table of countries can be found here.

  • Daily registration will be available for purchase at the Registration Desk in Toronto for $150 USD per day.

The registration fee includes:

  • Access to Congress Sessions and the Exhibition Area
  • Congress Name Badge
  • Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception
  • Congress Program Book and Book of Abstracts (in pdf format)

Farewell Party

The Canadian Sociological Association invites you to join us at the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology Farewell Party on Friday, July 20 (21:00 - 23:00). Conveniently located on-site at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the event will highlight Canadian regional foods while guests enjoy the featured entertainment.

Ticket price $42 USD; tickets can be purchased on-line together with congress registration before June 8, 2018. Tickets will NOT be available for purchase on-site.

Methods of Payment

  • On-line by Credit Card

  • Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer

All programme participants (paper givers, session organizers, chairs, discussants, etc.) must pay a full registration fee before March 20, 2018

In order to be included in the program the participants (presenters, chairs, discussants, etc.) need to pay the registration fee by March 20, 2018. If not registered, their names will not appear in the Program Book or in the Abstracts Book.

For co-authored paper, in order for a paper to appear in the program, at least one co-author must pay the registration fee by the deadline March 20, 2018; the names of other co-authors will be listed as well. If other co-authors wish to attend the conference they must pay the registration fee.


  • Cancellation of registration must be made in writing and sent to

  • Cancellations will be accepted before or on May 19, 2018 and the total amount will be refunded less a cancellation charge of $20 USD. The cancellation fee will be assessed regardless of the reason for cancelling.

  • Party tickets are only refundable with a full registration cancellation.

  • We regret that no refund can be made for any cancellation received after May 19, 2018. If you are entitled to a refund please note that refunds will be made after the conference has been completed.


  • If you cannot attend, your registration is transferable to another participant.

  • Please inform Confex in writing as soon as possible to whom your registration should be transferred to.

The ISA has adopted the following policy to make its meeting more accessible.

  • ISA Registration forms will have a box to request particular accessibility services, but without making any guarantees for their provision.
  • Live broadcast of the Plenary Sessions. The ISA Secretariat will request the Local Organizing Committee to make a live broadcast of the plenary sessions with corresponding language subtitles. This would give electronic access to anyone in the world (with the right equipment) as well as those present at the meeting, thereby making sign-language interpretation unnecessary, at least, for these sessions.
  • Assistance at Meetings. The ISA Secretariat will create a point person on the ISA staff to communicate with people about access issues and to address them, as far as possible, throughout the meeting.
  • Conference bids. The ISA will require conference bids to include access to buildings, rooms, and restrooms (including gender-neutral restrooms), and this will be used as one criterion to evaluate the proposed venue.
  • Presentation Guidelines. The ISA will request all presenters to review and conform to the following set of principles: big, simple, clear, and consistent.
    "Big refers to fonts larger than 24-point that are easy to read from any place in a room. Simple includes limiting text to six lines on a slide with no more than 7 words per line. Clear means choosing sans-serif fonts (such as Arial and Tahoma) in colors and sizes that produce high-contrast visuals. Consistent means creating a presentation with a logical sequence, with transitions that explain how the parts of the presentation are related to each other and the big picture." (Adapted from ASA Footnotes, July-August, 2008)
  • No guarantees. There is much variability in venues across the world. If it places undue financial burden on the meeting, we may not be able to promise accessibility services to those who need them nor pay for them should they be provided. We will make every effort to inform potential participants of the services being offered before the deadline for registration.
  • An ISA accessibility committee will be formed that will liaise with the Local Organizing Committee to see what accommodations will be possible for any given meeting. It will be important for the LOC to provide information about accessibility of accommodation and transportation as well as of the venue itself in advance of the date for early registration.

    For further information, please see:


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