ISA World Congress of Sociology

Canadian Local Organizing Committee

  • Patrizia ALBANESE, Ryerson University, Chair
  • Jim CONLEY, Trent University, CSA Treasurer, Vice Chair
  • Sherry FOX, Canadian Sociological Association, Coordinator/Administrator
  • Margaret BANCERZ, Ryerson University, CSA Graduate Student Representative
  • Myrna DAWSON, University of Guelph, CSA Representative
  • Simon LANGLOIS, Université de Laval, CSA Faculty Representative from Central Canada
  • Susan MCDANIEL, University of Lethbridge, CSA Faculty Representative from Prairies/Western Canada
  • Mark STODDART, Memorial University, CSA Faculty Representative from Eastern Canada
  • Evie TASTSOGLOU, St. Mary’s University; CSA/ISA Member Representative
  • Rima WILKES, University of British Columbia, CSA Faculty Representative from British Columbia

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