Dissertation Abstracts

Domination and Desire: The Politics of Immigration in Arizona

Author: Elcioglu, Emine Fidan , fidan@berkeley.edu
Department: Sociology
University: University of California - Berkeley, USA
Supervisor: Michael Burawoy
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: migration , US-Mexico border , politics , activism
Areas of Research: Political Sociology , Migration , Work


My dissertation explores the politics around immigration and border enforcement, based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Central and Southern Arizona, US as well as in-depth interviews and archival research. I first explore the history of the current controversy: how has conservative political ideology moved from a libertarian to a more restrictionist approach to immigration? At the same time, how have progressive groups moved from ignoring migrant worker struggles to heralding them today as the most important arena for civil rights? The second part of my dissertation fast forwards to today and considers the worldviews of immigration restrictionist activists, on the one hand, and pro-immigration activists, on the other. I show that it is their very different understandings of the US political economy, of globalization and of the insecurities and moral consequences that it creates for Americans, which inform their political positions on immigration.

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