Thank you, ISA Contributors!

The ISA wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the following individuals, whose 2018 financial contributions have greatly aided in the success of ISA programs: Student, Travel, Publication Fund, and Other Activities:

  • Abraham, Margaret
  • Al-Khalifah, Abdullah H.M.
  • Beck, Michael
  • Berman, Rachel
  • Burns, Edgar A
  • Cadena-Roa, Jorge
  • Castañeda, Ernesto
  • Cohn, Samuel
  • Curran, Sara
  • Cutter, Jo
  • Di Nunzio, Daniele
  • Drewlani, Tobias
  • Farol, Maria Luisa Abrera
  • French, Martin
  • Hirsch, Pnina
  • Holmwood, John
  • Lammi-Taskula, Johanna
  • Lengersdorf, Diana
  • Markoff, John
  • Meyer, Michelle Annette
  • Mikhailova, Oxana
  • Mondal, Somnath
  • Pearce, Tola Olufunlayo
  • Pixley, Jocelyn
  • Shin, Kwang-Yeong
  • Spickard, James
  • Stephens, Anne
  • Zawilski, Valerie

For donations, please visit:

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