Thank you, ISA Contributors!

The ISA wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the following individuals, whose 2016 financial contributions have greatly aided in the success of ISA programs: Student, Travel, Publication Fund, and Other Activities:

  • Barron-Pastor, Juan Carlos
  • Barros, Marfisa Cysneiros de
  • Chakmakova, Zornitsa Valentinova
  • Daniel-Wrabetz, Joana
  • Flora, Cornelia
  • Hegtvedt, Karen
  • Inoue, Mariko
  • Kawamura, Yuki
  • Leccardi, Carmen
  • Li, Chunyun
  • Medeiros, Marcelo
  • Nederveen Pieterse, Jan P.
  • Ochiai, Emiko
  • Odella, Francesca
  • Olsen, Ole Johnny
  • Paiva, Angela Randolpho
  • Peterson, Paul Joseph
  • Reis, Marcio Carneiro dos
  • Sabban, Rima A
  • Schubert, Tinka
  • Silva, Tania Elias Magno
  • Sosa Elizaga, Raquel
  • Velastegui Bahamonde, Napoleon
  • Wilson, Sarah

For donations, please visit:

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