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ISA e-bulletin has been published from 2005 till December 2010.
It is now published under the name of eSymposium.

Number 17, December 2010

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  • Beyond National Boundaries
    Surendra Munshi, Biju Paul Abraham, and Soma Chaudhuri
  • Rizal and the Sociology of Colonial Society
    Syed Farid Alatas
  • Academic Dependency and Scholarly Publishing among Social Scientists inSelected Universities in Nigeria
    Ayokunle Olumuyiwa Omobowale
  • In Conversation with Maila Stivens
    Interview by Seuty Sabur
  • ISA World Congress (Gothenburg, 11-17 July): A ‘Don Quixote’ in the Middle of Intellectual Inferno: Travels and Travails of a ‘Third World Sociologist’
    Arnab Roy Chowdhury

Number 16, July 2010

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  • Humanism of Kabir and Gandhi : Their Relevance Today
    Saral Jhingran
  • (Re)locating Northern Modernity: Lines of Tension of the Network Society Model, Looking at Possible Modernities
    Vando Borghi
  • Women for Science in Brazil
    Alice Abreu
  • In Conversation with Aihwa Ong
    Interview by Vineeta Sinha

Number 15, March 2010

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  • Mapping Sociology’s International Pattern of Knowledge Production
    Charles Crothers
  • The Multiple Crises of the French Universities and the Protest Movement of Spring 2009
    Bruno Cousin and Michèle Lamont
  • Online Access, Consolidation, and the Resurgence of Academic Journals
    Paul H. Kratoska
  • The Intellectual and Institutional Origins of JSEAH and JSEAS
    Ho Chi Tim
  • In Conversation with Prof. Gavin W. Jones
    Interview by Sarbeswar Sahoo

Number 14, November 2009

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  • Suicide Bombings: Homicidal Killing or a Weapon of War?
    Riaz Hassan
  • Through Feminine Indigenous Eyes: A Palestinian-Bedouin Researcher Reflects on her Identity and Culture
    Sarab Abu-Rabia-Queder
  • Child Abuse in Theoretical Debates: Towards an Integrated Modelled Theory
    Paulin Mbecke
  • In Conversation with Prof. Sujata Patel
    Interview by Pooja Adhikari

Number 13, July 2009

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  • Challenges for Global Sociology: From the Evaluation of Sociology to the Sociology of Evaluation
    Michael Burawoy
  • The Journal Impact Factor and Citation Rankings in Sociology:Nonsense or Necessity?
    Melinda Mills
  • On the Internationalization of Brazilian Academic Sociology
    Tom Dwyer
  • Resistance to Rating: Resource Allocation, Academic Freedom and Citizenship
    Tina Uys
  • Policy-Driven Research, Audit Culture, and Power: Transforming Sociological Practices in the Philippines
    Emma Porio
  • The International Benchmarking of Sociology: The Case of the UK
    John Holmwood
  • Language, Nation State and Diversity: The Case of Sociology in Europe
    Christian Fleck
  • In Conversation with Prof. Dennis Smith
    Interview by Karen O Reilly

Number 12, March 2009

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  • To Laugh is to Resist? Palestinian Women Negotiating Meaning and Practice of Resistance
    Sophie Richter-Devroe
  • Bedouin Resistance to the Imperial State: Memories from the Naqab during the British Mandate 1917-1948
    Mansour Nsasra
  • Masculinities and the Occupation of the West Bank
    Phil Leech
  • The Western Construction of a Religion: The Philippine Case (1521-1614)
    Nicola Mapelli
  • In Conversation with Prof. Prasenjit Duara
    Interview by Lee Kiat Jin

Number 11, November 2008

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  • Science and Society Forum: Science and Change
    Syed Hussein Alatas
  • In Conversation with Michael Roberts
    Interview by Sophia Rainbird
  • Murder Murals: A Cultural Adaptation to Urban Violence
    James B. O’Kane, James M. O’Kane, and David Carbone
  • The 14th Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival (Nuoro, Sardinia, 15-21 September 2008)
    Roxana Waterson

Number 10, July 2008

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  • God Verses Allah: Islam, Pentecostal Christianity and the Contest for PublicSpace in Kenya
    Damaris Seleina Parsitau
  • Religion, Migration, and Confusion: Why Germany and the United States are so different
    Michael Werz
  • In Conversation with Susan A. McDaniel
    Interview by Jayme E. Day
  • Existential Choices faced by Sociologists-in-Training
    Justin Lee
  • It’s Not Just about Food: Exploring the Ordinary Experience of Eating among Filipina Domestic Helpers in Singapore’s Lucky Plaza
    Jayeel Serrano Cornelio

Number 9, March 2008

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  • Intellectual and Structural Challenges to Academic Dependency
    Syed Farid Alatas
  • Can Microcredit be an Effective Strategy for Gender Mainstreaming?
    Anurekha Chari 
  • In Conversation with Elisio Macamo
    Interview by Afe Adogame
  • What They Don’t Teach You at Graduate School
    Alice M Nah
  • Three Months in the Field
    Thomas Barker

Number 8, November 2007

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  • Southeast Asia as a Form of Knowledge: Locating Ethnicity in Southeast Asian Studies
    Shamsul Abri
  • Conflicts in Fish Trade: A Study among the Riverine Fishing Communities in Kerala, India
    Sunil D Santha
  • Rethinking Indian Villages: A Sociological Appraisal
    Ashish Saxena
  • In Conversation with Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka
    Interview by Noorman Abdullah and Kelvin Low
  • Reflections on the Study of Habitus, Biography, NationState, and Trauma
    Miri Gal-Ezer

Number 7, July 2007

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  • The 419 Code as Business Unusual: Youth and the Unfolding of the Advance Fee Fraud Online Discourse
    Afe Adogame
  • Anti-Semitism and the Arabs
    Riaz Hassan
  • In Conversation with Prof. Chua Beng-Huat
    Interview by Sarbeswar Sahoo
  • Social Memory and Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Cambodia: Anticipating What Lies Ahead
    Vinita Ramani
  • Doing Fieldwork at “Home”: the Challenges of “Native” Anthropology
    Thakur Sai Arun
  • The Challenges and Dilemmas of Starting Field Research
    David Radford
  • The Sociology of Religion in China, with reference to the 4th International Symposium of the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Shanghai University 13–15 July 2007
    Francis Lim

Number 6, March 2007

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  • Rubbing Along? The ‘English’ Drift into North West Wales
    Angela Drakakis-Smith, Graham Day and Howard Davis
  • The Perils and Pitfall of Performance Ethnography
    Douglas Farrer
  • In Conversation with Prof. Wang Gung Wu
    Interview by Vineeta Sinha
  • The Age of New Paradigms
    Wang Gungwu
  • Teaching Visual Ethnography in Singapore: The Potentials of Digital Video for Research in the Social Sciences
    Roxana Waterson
  • Fieldwork and Teaching Contemporary Sociology: Some Experiences from Uganda
    Peter Rwagara Atekyereza

Number 5, November 2006

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  • Escalating Accountability in the “Impossible Science”: Perils and Pitfalls
    Susan McDaniel
  • Colonial Modernity, the Sociological Study of Religion, and Nineteenth Century Majoritarianism
    Sujata Patel
  • Global Aspects of Professionalism : from defining traits to discourse of organizational control
    Julia Evetts
  • In Conversation with Ms. Ela Gandhi
    Interviewed by Vineeta Sinha
  • Constructing a 'Normal Identity Space' While Doing Field Work with the Bnei Sakhnin Soccer Team
    Avipal Kotter
  • Sex in the Field: Anthropologists’ Sexual Involvement with the People in the Field
    Satoshi Ota
  • Headnotes, Heartnotes and Persuasive Ethnography of Thai Migrant Workers in Singapore
    Pattana Kittiarsa

Number 4, July 2006

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  • Communitarian Politics of the East
    Chua Beng Huat
  • The Tamil Movement for Eelam
    Michael Roberts
  • In Conversation with Prof. Syed Hussein Alatas
    Interviewed by Patrick Pillai
  • Reflections on “Publishing and Academia” Writing, Politics and Business in the Academe: A View From Afar
    Yeoh Seng-Guan
  • New Media and Representations of the Intellectual in the Network Society
    Daniel Goh
  • Survivor Academia – Your Next Challenge is Publishing!
    Julia Rozanova
  • The Journal Impact Factor and Citation Rankings in Sociology: Nonsense or Necessity?
    Melinda Mills

Number 3, March 2006

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  • The Social Scene in India at the End of the Century
    Prof. Madhav Sadashiv Gore
  • Biotechnology and Global Governance: Narratives of Risk, Uncertainty, and Responsible Expertise
    Lynne Phillips and Suzan Ilcan
  • Projecting the Future: Some Implications of a Transformed US Military for the Third World
    E. C. Ejiogu
  • In Conversation with Prof. Ueno Chizuko On Japanese Sociology: A Conversation with Ueno Chizuko
    John Clammer
  • Reflections on ‘Globalization and Sociological Practices’ On Globalization, Combined and Uneven
    József Böröcz
  • Challenges to Sociological Practices in India Today
    Sujata Patel
  • Globalisation and Sociological Practice
    Habibul Haq Khondker

Number 2, Autumn 2005

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  • Women as “Missing Persons” in Social and Political Theory
    Lynn McDonald
  • In Conversation with Prof. Andre Beteille
    Surendra Munshi
  • Academic Colonialism, Corporate Intellectuals, and ‘Lost’ Ideals: Reflections on the State of Sociology in the New Millennium
    Noorman Abdullah and Kelvin E.Y. Low
  • Community and Civil Society
    Erka Kosta
  • Sociological thinking or thinking sociologically?
    José Eduardo Szwako

Number 1, Summer 2005

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  • Knowledge, Power, and Politics: The Role of an intellectual in an Age of Transition
    Immanuel Wallerstein
  • Religion and Globalisation: Explaining Religio-ethnic Conflict
    Bryan S. Turner
  • Tocqueville as an Enthnographer of American Prison Systems and Democratic Practice
    Ananta Kumar Giri
  • From Classrooms to Field Sites: Qualitative Research and Sociology in the Philippines
    Clemen C. Aquino
  • Teaching Sociology in Japan
    John Clammer
  • Teaching Sociology: One Case, Many Challenges
    Carlos Fortuna
  • Experiences in Using ‘Sketch Presentations’: Teaching Dynamics and Negotiations in Malay Households in Singapore
    Suriani Suratman