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Call for new editor

The ISA is now seeking expressions of interest for the position of Editor, International Sociology Reviews (ISR). The editorship is a post which not only confers prestige on the editor and his or her department and university, but also provides special opportunities for the professional development of staff and students working on the journal. The editor will be in a position to establis international contacts and learn about the wide range of interesting work being published outside of what may be commonly accessible in any single country.

The new editor will take on full responsibilities from December 2018 (though there will need to be liaison about the handover before then), for an initial term of 3 years; there will be the possibility of renewals of a total of 4 years in two 2 year- installments. Below is further information on the publication, the tasks associated with the editorship, and how to express your interest in the position. 

The journal’s remit

ISR is an official journal of the International Sociological Association, published twice a year in English (with some abstracts in French and Spanish). Its fundamental remit is to publish reviews of significant books from world sociology, especially those in languages other than English, highlighting less widely accessible questions, findings, approaches and theories. Besides reviews of individual books it publishes essays that relate different books to their context, that bring together for comparison books on similar topics in different languages, that look at the same books from different perspectives, or that review the state of the art on different continents. Other possible additional features that previous editors have experimented with include interviews with well-known sociological writers; reviews of audio-visual materials; reviews of special issues of other journals; reviews of relevant artistic projects; reviews of overlooked minor classics; and special emphases on the work of sociologists from the global south as well as sociologies written in languages other than English. The new editor will, of course, have scope for developing new ideas within this general framework.

The Editor's Role

The editor will need to set up office arrangements and assistance in accordance with needs and local practice, and manage the budget provided from local and/or ISA sources.  It is expected that the editor’s department will provide adequate support, to include at least free office space and IT facilities. Costs which can be supported by ISA include editorial assistance, office expenses and some translations. The editor should have access to e-mail, and preferably also occasional electronic/video-conferencing.

Editing ISR is somewhat different from editing an ordinary journal.  Its routine tasks entail:

  • maintaining contact with publishers to order books for review;
  • soliciting reviews of publications from appropriate reviewers;
  • soliciting review essays;
  • keeping records of deadlines set for each reviewer, and issuing reminders when necessary;
  • consulting with members of the editorial board as needed;
  • compiling suitably composed issues of the required length to be sent to the publisher (Sage);
  • seeing to copy-editing before submitting the issue to Sage by its deadline;
  • checking proofs;
  • sending copies of reviews to the publishers of the books reviewed.
  • updating the Editorial Board from time to time, ensuring regular turnover. 

The editor is also responsible for

  • attending the annual meetings of the Publications Committee,
  • preparing for them a report on the ISR's activities, and 
  • presenting an annual budget based on financial records of income from the ISA and expenditures on secretarial assistance, office expenses, etc.

The editor does not have to be a native English speaker, but does need to have a good command of academic English; reading knowledge of other languages obviously also helps.  ISR is committed to reviewing publications in languages other than English, and to soliciting reviews by colleagues who write in languages other than English. It is important, therefore, to plan for assistance in language editing for reviews in English by non-native speakers, and to explore possibilities for the translation of reviews written in other languages.

Distribution and Marketing

All matters concerning sales, distribution and marketing are handled by Sage Publications and the ISA Secretariat.


Expression of interest

In preparing your expression of interest, please include

  • an up-to-date CV;
  • a summary of your experience and contacts relevant to the editorship;
  • your ideas for further developing ISR;
  • information on the kind and level of support, whether financial or in terms of resources provided, that your institution would give you in undertaking the role of Editor, with a letter of confirmation from your Dean, Department Chair, or other appropriate university authority.  Please indicate also whether or not there are any local taxes or charges (e.g. for overheads), and if so whether ISA can claim exemption from them as a non-profit charitable body.

Expressions of interest should be submitted by e-mail to Vineeta Sinha, ISA Vice-President for Publications <> , and copied to the ISA Secretariat <> by July 31, 2018.  It is hoped that a decision will be reached by the end of November 2018.

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