Research Committees


I. Purpose

  1. The purpose of the Research Committee on Sociology of the Arts (RC37) of the International Sociological Association (ISA) is to encourage research of high quality on the arts and culture more generally, within and between countries.

II. Activities

  1. To fulfill this purpose the Committee engages in the following activities:
    1. It organizes the sessions of the Sociology of the Arts at the meetings of the ISA.
    2. It sponsors or co-sponsors International seminars on topics of theoretical, methodological or substantive importance in this field.
    3. It arranges for publication of matters related to research.
    4. It develops an international roster of sociologists of the arts and culture, and organizations involved in similar pursuits.
    5. It fosters cross-national sociological research through the international membership in the research committee meetings, newsletters, and other correspondence.
    6. It seeks to keep Its members Informed of RC37 activities.
    7. It engages in additional activities to disseminate its activities and encourage intellectual networks in and among many countries.

III. Membership

  1. Membership in RC37 is open to all members of national sociological societies, members of research institutes affiliated with the ISA, research oriented members of national and international organizations on the arts and culture, as well as non-affiliated individual scholars who have demonstrated interest in the field through teaching and research activities.
  2. The Individual becomes a member with full voting rights and other membership privileges upon acceptance of his or her application by the President and Secretary and payment of annual dues. Students become members in the same manner, except that they do not have voting rights or the right to hold office. Non-payment of dues will lead to loss of membership six months after the final period paid for, except as provided for in Article III, Section C.
  3. Annual dues of $40 (U.S.) and $12 for students are payable to the Research Committee Secretary or President (2003). Dues may be paid for a four-year period. The dues requirement may be waived in cases of hardship, or when a prospective member's country has severe currency restrictions, with the approval of the RC President and Secretary. No dues will be required for members who retire from full-time employment. The amount is modified during the Business Meeting at the World Congress, every four years.

IV. Officers

  1. There will be a President, a Secretary, six Vice-Presidents, eighteen Members of the Board, and an Honorary Chair. The exact numbers and titles may be modified during the World Congress Business Meeting.
  2. They will be elected from and by the voting membership at each World Congress.

V. Elections

  1. Election of officers will be held at the World Congress every four Years
  2. A plurality of those voting will constitute election for President, Secretary, Vice Presidents, and Board Members.
  3. Term of office will be for four years with re-election limited to one term.
  4. Nominations will be made at the Business Meeting by all voting members in attendance. For those not able to attend and who wish to vote, proxies in writing may be assigned by them in advance.

VI. Duties of Officers

  1. The President
    1. The President as chief executive of the RC shall preside at the meetings of the RC and its membership.
    2. The President will be responsible for seeing that the sessions of the RC at the ISA meetings are organized and announced, in cooperation with the Secretary.
    3. The President will initiate and carry out policies in conformity to the RC's purpose as specified by the Officers and at the request of the membership.
    4. The President shares responsibility with the Secretary for making disbursements and collecting dues from the members.
    5. The President will appoint committees or individuals, who will serve at his or her pleasure, to perform in capacities related to RC activities.
    6. The President will serve as the RC representative to the Research Council of the ISA.
  2. The Secretary
    1. The Secretary is responsible for communicating RC activities and plans to the members no less than once a year. These include the time, place, and organizers of meetings and sessions at the seminars, workshops, including the World Congress.
    2. The Secretary shares responsibility with the President for making disbursements and collecting dues from the members.
    3. The Secretary shares responsibility with the President for preparing a membership list.
    4. The Secretary shares responsibility with the President for announcing the time and place of meetings as necessary.
    5. The Secretary is the editor of the Newsletter to be published at least twice a year.
  3. The Vice Presidents
    1. The Vice Presidents assist the President and the Secretary in decisions concerning the organization and sponsorship of RC seminars, workshops, and publications.
    2. The Vice Presidents will recruit members to expand the International scope of membership.
    3. The Vice Presidents will organize meetings to foster more international involvement at regional levels.
  4. The Board Members
    1. The Board Members will recruit members regionally to expand the International scope of membership.
    2. The Board Members will advise the President, Vice-Presidents and Secretary when solicited.

VII. Executive of the RC37

  1. The President, Secretary, and Vice Presidents constitute the Executive.
  2. The Executive meets at least once every four years before the Business Meeting to set general policy for the RC.
  3. Major new activities undertaken by the RC must be approved by the Executive.
  4. In case of disability of any member of the Executive prior to the Business Meeting at the World Congress, the remaining members of the Executive may appoint a substitute.
  5. The Executive will be consulted in writing for their advice by the President concerning offers from RC members or representatives of other organizations to organize programs such as conferences, seminars, workshops and publications under RC sponsorship or joint sponsorship.

VIII. RC37 Occasional Activities

  1. The membership of occasional seminars or workshops sponsored or co-sponsored by the RC should reflect its international composition.
  2. Individuals who wish to organize a seminar or workshop may present their ideas, proposed date. time, and place to the President and Secretary, who will circulate the idea to the Vice Presidents and Board for their opinions.
  3. Members wishing to participate may write to the organizers giving their competencies and interests.
  4. Final decisions as to whose participation to accept will be done by the local organizers, with the approval of the Executive.

IX. Research Activities

  1. The RC as an international organization cannot itself engage in research activities.

X. General Meeting

  1. The Business Meeting of the members shall be held in conjunction with the ISA meetings.
  2. Announcement of the Business Meeting will be mailed to members at least three months in advance, along with a tentative agenda of business.
  3. Action may be taken at the Business Meeting by a plurality of members present, including voting for officers. On any issue a majority (over half) of members present may request a secret ballot.
  4. A written petition of 20 members to the President within six months following the Business Meeting can institute a mail ballot to the membership on any issue.

XI. Cooperation with Other Organizations

  1. RC37 welcomes the efforts of other international and national organizations to promote the meeting of scholars to encourage their research in the arts and culture.
  2. RC37 seeks to cooperate with such organizations on issues of common interest through joint program sponsorship or such other activities as will serve to advance its purpose.
  3. RC37 hopes to continue its joint sessions with other RCs at the World Congresses.

XII. Revision of the Bylaws

  1. Upon written petition of 20 members to the President, with duplicate to the Secretary, these Bylaws may be submitted to the membership for revision.
  2. Revision requires majority (51%) approval by members in good standing.
  3. Revisions may also be made at the Business Meeting by a plurality of members in good standing.

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