Research networks

TG10 Digital Sociology

Established March 2020


The aim of the Thematic Group 10 – Digital Sociology of the International Sociological Association is to encourage research of high quality on the intersection between Digital Technologies and Society.

  • To establish a network of sociologists working in the ‘Digital’ in order to advance the theoretical, empirical, methodological, and socioethical knowledge produced in the field.
  • To allow fruitful interactions across various ISA groups that are working on connected issues.
  • To provide an alternative to other existing organizations dealing with Digital Issues, focused on issues, perspectives and approaches that are of interest of the sociological community, acting as an international home for scholars in various stages of their academic career in this field. Also, create synergies with local, national or regional  research organizations dealing with similar issues, with the aim to disseminate contents and knowledge of common interest and to share activities.
  • To attract new scholars to TG10 sessions at ISA conferences and foster the research in the realm of Digital Sociology as a central issue in current research trends.
  • To create new opportunities for meeting, publishing, mentoring students and share information.

Steering Committee 2020-2023

Coordinator David DUEÑAS-CID, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, and Kozminski University, Poland,
Board Members Damilola ADEGOKE, King’s College, United Kingdom
Esther BRAININ, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel
Tanja CARSTENSEN, Ludwig Maximilians University München, Germany
Anna DOMARADZKA, University of Warsaw, Poland
Anu MASSO, University of Tartu, Estonia
Karolina MIKOLAJEWSKA-ZAJAC, University of Queensland, Australia
Regev NATHANSOHN, University of Michigan, USA
Marta ORTEGA-GASPAR, Universidad de Málaga, Spain
Non-M Shira RIVNAI BAHIR, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Laura ROBINSON, Santa Clara University, USA
Pilar RODRIGUEZ MARTINEZ, Universidad de Almería, Spain
Matías VALDERRAMA, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile


Regular member:  USD20 for a 4-year period
Discount member (students up to PhD and members residing in countries classified in category B and C):  USD10 for a 4-year period