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International Sociological Association





Current Sociology, an official journal of the International Sociological Association, is one of the oldest and most widely cited sociology journals in the world.

Current Sociology, a peer-reviewed quarterly, is interested in

  • articles discussing trends within sociology but this is within the context of a broader concern with issues: not only the analysis of issues relating to the development of sociology as a discipline but also the contribution that sociological understanding can make to the analysis of issues relating to the development of modern societies in a globalizing world

  • cutting-edge papers for consideration in any sociological specialty, including areas that cut across different sub-fields

  • well-argued and cogent critical responses to articles Current Sociology has already published if these responses also make an original contribution in their own right
CS Latest Issue


Current Sociology Review

Current Sociology Review was launched in 2013 and includes articles selected from sociopedia.isa, the ISA's online review journal, as well as those that have been specially submitted for Current Sociology Review. The review articles provide an overview of theoretical approaches, a review of empirical evidence, an assessment of the state of the art, and a discussion of future directions that theorizing and research might take. Furthermore, each article contains a list of annotated suggested further reading. Read more..

Current Sociology monograph issues

Current Sociology monograph iusses highlight themes structuring the discipline in original and novel ways. Each issue has single or joint guest editor(s), and presents a selection of papers reflecting global concerns and critical debates within and outside ISA's Research and National Associational networks and conferences. Read more...

Editorial Address

Eloísa Martín
Depto de Sociologia, IFCS
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Largo de São Francisco de Paula n.1, sala 409
CEP 20051-070
Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brasil
Phone: +55 21 2224-8965, r. 237


Members of the ISA will receive their copies of Current Sociology at a discount, if pre-paid, from the ISA Secretariat. Non-members should order directly from Sage Publications.


SAGE publications

45% discount to the ISA members. To claim the discount, ISA members in the US, Canada, South America, India and Australasia, have to send this coupon to:
SAGE Publications Ltd1.
Oliver's Yard55. City Road
London. EC1Y 1SP
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7 324 8500
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7 324 8600

ISA members in other countries should order the books on and enter the code UK09OB001 at the checkout.

International Sociological Association