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Current Sociology Monographs

Current Sociology monograph issues were introduced in 2001, as two additional issues per year of the journal Current Sociology. Current Sociology Monographs highlight both original and novel themes and problematics within the discipline. Each issue has a single or joint guest editor(s), and presents a selection of papers reflecting (but not limited to) global concerns and critical debates within and outside ISA's Research and National Associational networks and conferences. The papers should include a strong introduction and/or conclusion exploring and developing the theme of the issue.

Current Sociology monograph issues are published in English and should include abstracts in French and Spanish. Each monograph issue is typically up to 90,000 words (this is a compulsory constraint) including references; abstracts with translations, contributors list etc. and will therefore be approximately 72,000 words of actual text. Editor(s) may like to have short and long papers to ensure the maximum word length as mentioned above.


For the initial refereeing process, all submitted proposals should contain:

  • Brief synopsis (1000-2000 words) describing the main features of the issue. A ‘paper by paper synopsis’ is preferable.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Names and affiliations of the contributors.
  • Competing titles. Please list those issues or books currently in print, which could be competing with yours.

All monograph proposals are refereed by the Editorial Board and Current Sociology editors. Following the review of the proposal,  guest editor/s will be informed of the outcome within 3 months of the submission of proposal.

SECOND STEP: ONCE THE PROPOSALS ARE ACCEPTED, all authors should submit their individual manuscripts through ScholarOne (

Each manuscript will be evaluated through a double-blind peer review process, following the standard reviewing procedures of Current Sociology.

The final manuscript will be published on the basis of a successful review and due revisions in order to ensure rigor and scientific quality of papers.

Once a monograph is completed, the Current Sociology Monographs issue will be published first online and subsequently in hard copy as per calendar availability.

Editor: Chaime Marcuello Servós
Departamento de Psicología y Sociología
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y del Trabajo
Universidad de Zaragoza
Violante de Hungría, 23
50009 Zaragoza, España
Phone: +34-976-762937

Deputy Editor: Dr. Daniel Jiménez-Franco
Assistant Editor: Dido Almarcegui Morera
Assistant Editor and French Translator: Dr. Charlyne Millet

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