National Associations (Regular Members)

This category of membership is for countrywide associations of sociology duly established for scientific purposes which are open to all active sociologists. They are admitted by a decision of the Executive Committee, subject to ratification by the Council of National Associations.

Constituting the Council of National Associations (CNA), national associations (regular members) together with affiliated members, actively promote regional and cross-country cooperation and highlight the activities of each collective member. The CNA aims to create a community to consult and cooperate with on common interests including collective networks on approaches, emphases, and cultures of doing sociology. National associations and affiliated members all over the world contribute to the diversity of global voices in ISA’s deliberations and vision. 


  • Members receive one copy of ISA publications: Current Sociology, International Sociology.
  • Possibility of collaboration on producing Current Sociology Monographs.
  • Voting rights at two major decision making bodies of the ISA: Council of National Associations and Assembly of Councils. A vote from one country will be shared between or among those national associations if there are more than one national association in one country.
  • Home page at the ISA web site or a hot link with its own.
  • Possibility of having your local journals listed on the ISA website.
  • Reception of isagram, an electronic newsletter containing announcements of the forthcoming conferences, calls for papers and manuscripts, prizes, competitions, etc.
  • Possibility of having its announcements circulated, free of charge, in isagram to ISA members.
  • Possibility of grant for special activities.
  • Possibility of organising sessions at ISA World Congress of Sociology.


Annual fees

You may choose to have annual fees calculated either as 1% of your association's annual budget or 1USD per each member per year. A minimum annual fee is USD 300 for countries with economies in Category A, USD 150 in Category B, and USD 75 for economies in Category C (See the Table of Economies to identify the category of the economy of your country.) A maximum annual fee is USD 5000.

Annual fees
1% of your association's annual budget or 1 USD per each member per year.
Category A USD 300
Category B USD 150
Category C USD  75

Application Form for National Associations Regular Collective Membership