The Research Council

The Research Council consists of representatives of all Research Committees.

Each Research Committee elects one representative and one deputy to act as an alternate to represent it in the Research Council; each Research Committee is entitled to one vote.

The Research Council proposes to the Executive Committee the establishment, the upgrading, the demotion and the abolition of the Research Committees, Working Groups and Thematic Groups, as well as coordinating their activities. The Research Council may initiate international research projects of a cross-disciplinary nature with other scientific organisations.

The Research Council meets normally at every ISA World Congress and at least once between every two World Congresses. At each World Congress, the Research Council elects eight members of the Executive Committee.

The eight members of the Executive Committee elected by the Research Council and two other members of the Executive Committee shall constitute the Research Coordinating Committee. The task of the Research Coordinating Committee is to acknowledge the formation of Thematic Groups, to examine applications for the establishment of Working Groups and Research Committees, to review their activities at least every four years and to put forward recommendations to the Research Council.

Members of the Research Council and the Council of National Associations compose the Asembly of Councils.

The Assembly meets at each World Congress. It determines general policies of the Association, fix membership fees, hear appeals against decisions taken by the ISA Executive Committee, the Council of National Associations or the Research Council upon petition of ten members in good standing.

The Assembly elects the President and four Vice- Presidents.

Organizational Structure of the ISA