Junior Sociologists

Junior Sociologists Network

Established in 2007


The Junior Sociologists Network of the International Sociological Association grew out of the empowering experience of participants at the ISA Laboratories for PhD students, ISA Juniors Sociologists Competition and ISA congresses.

The JSN is the worldwide representation of students, early-career academics and practitioners, regardless of their thematic interests or scientific approaches, who are engaged in studying and practicing sociology and essentially related disciplines.

The JSN aims at providing to junior sociologists a useful organizational platform and a supportive community for sharing relevant information, exchanging ideas and creating collaborations in order to produce and disseminate sociological knowledge, as well as to advance professional careers.

Board Members Wiebke KEIM, Germany
Claudia Pato CARVALHO, Portugal
Tembeka NGCEBETSHA, South Africa
Chupe SEROTE, South Africa
Florence Akiiki ASIIMWE, Uganda
Michelle Fei-yu HSIEH, Taiwan
Chairman Wiebke KEIM, Germany
Dolores MODIC, Slovenia
Ursa LAMUT, Slovenia
Chairman Oleg KOMLIK, Ben-Gurion University and College of Management Academic Studies, Israel
Board Members Dolores MODIC, Kyushu University, Japan
Tamara B. VALIC, School of Advanced Social Studies Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Chairman Oleg KOMLIK, College of Management Academic Studies, Israel, komlik@gmail.com
Board Member Dolores MODIC, Nord University, Norway


Criteria to become a member of the JSN:

  • be graduate student, or
  • possess a graduate (post-secondary degree) or PhD within the last 5-6 years, or
  • be a social practitioner graduated within the last 5-6 years.

Joining the JSN is free of charge. The JSN has two levels of membership: JSN full member and JSN associate member. 

Becoming JSN full member requires:

  1. Submitting the abstract of your doctoral dissertation to Sociology Dissertations abstracts global initiative, our unique open-access database that increases the visibility of your research and promotes your professional career.
  2. Subscribing to the JSN mailing list, through which a newsletter is sent twice a month, including useful, interesting & relevant updates. (Non-Gmail users willing to join the mailing list should send a request to: jsn.of.isa@gmail.com)

Becoming JSN associate member requires subscribing to the JSN mailing list. (Non-Gmail users willing to join the mailing list should send a request to: jsn.of.isa@gmail.com)

The JSN encourages its members to join the International Sociological Association and its Research Committee(s), Working and/or Thematic Group(s). To learn about the benefits of the individual ISA membership and discounted students fee see: