National Associations

National Associations (Regular Members)

Collective members of the ISA consist of national associations of sociology (regular members), and research institutions and universities or their departments, as well as other associations of sociologists (affiliated members). Constituting the Council of National Associations (CNA), collective members actively promote regional and cross-country cooperation and highlight the activities of each collective member. The CNA aims to create a community to consult and cooperate with on common interests including collective networks on approaches, emphases, and cultures of doing sociology. National associations and affiliated members all over the world contribute to the diversity of global voices in ISA’s deliberations and vision.

Country Association Foundation
ALBANIA Albanian Sociological Association 2006
ARGENTINA Asociación Argentina de Sociología
Consejo de Profesionales en Sociología 
ARMENIA Armenian Sociological Association 1992
AUSTRALIA The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) 1963
AUSTRIA Oesterreichische Gesellschaft für Soziologie 1950
AZERBAIJAN Azerbaijanian Sociological Association  
BANGLADESH Bangladesh Sociological Association  
BELGIUM Flemish Sociological Association 1975
BRAZIL Sociedade Brasileira de Sociologia 1950
BULGARIA Bulgarian Sociological Association 1959
CANADA Canadian Sociological Association 2014
COLOMBIA Asociación Colombiana de Sociología 1962
CROATIA Croatian Sociological Association 1918
CYPRUS Cyprus Sociological Association 1997
CZECH REPUBLIC Masaryk Czech Sociological Association 1925
DENMARK Dansk Sociologforening 1965
ESTONIA Estonian Association of Sociologists 1999
ETHIOPIA Ethiopian Society of Sociologists 1996
FINLAND The Westermarck Society 1940
FRANCE Association Française de Sociologie 2002
GERMANY Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sociologie 1909
GREECE Hellenic Sociological Society 2007
HUNGARY Hungarian Sociological Association  
INDIA Indian Sociological Society 1951
IRAN Iranian Sociological Association 1991
ISRAEL Israel Sociological Society 1967
ITALY Associazione Italiana di Sociologia 1982
JAPAN Japan Sociological Society 1924
KAZAKHSTAN Association of Sociologists of Kazakhstan (ASK) 2002
REPUBLIC OF KOREA Korean Sociological Association 1956
LEBANON Lebanese Association of Sociology 1992
LITHUANIA Lithuanian Sociological Society 1980
REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Association of Sociologists of the Republic of Macedonia 2010
MEXICO Asociación Mexicana de Sociología  
MOROCCO Moroccan Sociology Network 2016
NEPAL Sociological Society of Nepal  
NETHERLANDS Nederlandse Sociologische Vereniging (NSV)  
NEW ZEALAND Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (SAANZ) 1963
NORWAY Norwegian Sociological Association 1949
PAKISTAN Sociological Association of Pakistan  
PALESTINE Palestinian Sociological Association  
PARAGUAY Sociedad Paraguaya de Sociología
Asociación Paraguaya de Sociología
PHILIPPINES Philippine Sociological Society 1953
POLAND Polish Sociological Association 1957
PORTUGAL Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia 1985
ROMANIA Romanian Sociological Association 1990
RUSSIA Russian Sociological Society 1989
SERBIA Serbian Sociological Association 1961
SLOVAKIA Slovak Sociological Association  
SLOVENIA Slovenian Social Science Association
Slovene Sociological Association
SOUTH AFRICA South African Sociological Association 1993
SPAIN Federación Española de Sociología 1979
SWEDEN Sveriges Sociologförbund 1961
SWITZERLAND Société Suisse de Sociologie  
SYRIA Syrian Association for the Social Sciences  
TAIWAN Taiwanese Sociological Association 1940
TANZANIA Tanzanian Association of Sociologists  
TÜRKIYE Turkish Social Science Association 1967
UGANDA Uganda Sociological and Anthropological Association 2006
UKRAINE Sociological Association of Ukraine 1990
UNITED KINGDOM British Sociological Association 1951
USA American Sociological Association 1905
UZBEKISTAN Association of Sociologists of Uzbekistan 2019
VENEZUELA Asociación Venezolana de Sociología 1950
VIETNAM Vietnam Sociological Association