ISA welcomes financial contributions to support its activities financed from Student Fund, Travel Fund, Publication Fund, and Other Activities Fund. Donations can be made through ISA individual user account.

For donations, please go to your ISA user account:

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Thank you, ISA Contributors!

The ISA wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the following individuals, whose 2021 financial contributions have greatly aided in the success of ISA programs: Student, Travel, Publication Fund, and Other Activities:

  • Flora, Cornelia
  • Guzman-Concha, Cesar
  • Kosyakova, Yuliya
  • Lamas, Andrew T.
  • Lidz, Victor
  • Llobet, Valeria
  • Pamungkas, Arie Setyaningrum
  • Rajagopalan, Prema
  • Ramírez Plascencia, David
  • Tsuji, Izumi
  • Türkün, Asuma

We would also like to thank all the participants in the IV ISA Forum who have paid the solidarity rate registration.