Junior Sociologists

Laboratory for PhD Students in Sociology

International Sociological Association received 54 applications for its XVIth International Laboratory for PhD Students in Sociology but only had the funds to accept 12 applicants. Because there were so many excellent applications, the selection process was extremely difficult. Congratulations to the selected participants!

List of the selected participants and topics of their PhD dissertations (in alphabetic order):
Mr. Theophilus Chiedoziem AKUJOBI (Nigeria), University of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria
Indigenous knowledge and erosion control in the South-Eastern Nigeria

Mr. Oluwatobi    ALABI (Nigeria), Landmark University, Nigeria / University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Women’s sexual agency and the use of traditional aphrodisiac in Ilorin, Nigeria

Ms. Adrienne Lee ATTERBERRY (USA), Syracuse University, USA
Cultivating India’s new transnational elite: Parenting, schooling, and belonging in the age of global IT

Ms. Soulit CHACKO (India), Loyola University Chicago, USA    
Immigrant women in ethnic beauty salon business
Ms. Veronica GREGORIO (Philippines), National University of Singapore, Singapore
Contemporary gender ideologies and intra-household relationships of farming families in Malaysia and Philippines
Ms. Erika HERRERA ROSALES (Mexico), University of Warwick, United Kingdom    
The role of non-governmental organisations with Central American migration in the context of Mexico    

Mr. Ali KASSEM (Lebanon), University of Sussex, United Kingdom    
Discrimination, exclusion and erasure: Islamic dress in Lebanon under coloniality
Mr Jan Bazyli KLAKLA (Poland), Jagiellonian University, Poland    
The role of institutional and legal factors on the selection of the acculturation strategies among foreigners in Poland. Socio-legal study of migrants from former Yugoslavia and Albania    

Ms. Yifei LU (China), Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Fair competition? The constructed inequality of educational condition and opportunity between rural and urban in China

Mr. Derrace Garfield MCCALLUM (Jamaica), Nagoya University, Japan
Negotiating care across borders & generations: An analysis of Filipino transnational families in the Chubu region of Japan

Ms. Ilana Andrea NUSSBAUM BITRAN (Chile), Duisburg-Essen University, Germany
Highly skilled Latin American migrants. Institutional contexts and the negotiation of cultural capital in Germany and Chile

Mr. Pei PALMGREN (USA), University of California Los Angeles, USA
Remaking regimes of labor migration: Thailand guestworker governance amid Southeast Asian economic integration    
The 2019 Laboratory Mobilities and Social Inequalities in a Globalized World is organised jointly by the International Sociological Association and the International Migration Sociology Team at the Faculty of Sociology of the University of A Coruña, Spain, with the collaboration of the Spanish Federation of Sociology. It will take place in Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña, Spain, September 9-13, 2019.