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Chin-Chun Yi

Research Fellow at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. She received her Sociology degrees of B.A. from National Taiwan University, M.A. from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota (1981). Dr. Yi’s recent research projects include Family Change and Female’s Domestic Status in Three Chinese Societies (1994-2002), The Intergenerational Transmission of Value of Children in Taiwan (2004-07), Taiwan Youth Project: The Interplay of Family, School and Community (2000-2012) where she serves as the principal investigator and leads teams composed of researchers of different ranks.

Chin-Chun Yi has been an active member of the ISA since 1990, and has served in the board of Committee on Family Research RC06 from 1992-2006 (the Vice President 2002-06). Dr. Yi organized several successful International Conferences on family (1993 and 2003 for RC06) and on youth studies (2004, 2008, 2009). She also serves in the editorial board as well as the guest editor for International Sociology, Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Journal of Family Issues, Current Sociology and others. In addition to her academic work, Dr. Yi was appointed the Commissioner and honorary advisor for Taiwan Provincial Government from 1994-1998 when she initiated and established the child protection program in Taiwan. Over her career, Chin-Chun Yi has actively participated in professional services in domestic as well as in Asian academic institutes. She is frequently invited to give advice to Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior and several NGOs in Taiwan.

Sample publications: Chin-Chun Yi (ed.) 2012, The Psychological Well-being of East Asian Youth, Springer Publishing co. Yi, Chin-Chun, et.al., 2009 “The Psychological Well-being of Taiwanese Youth: School versus Family Context from Early to Late Adolescence” International Sociology Vol.24 No. 3. Yi, Chin-Chun, et.al, 2008, Summer “The Importance of Social Context in the Formation of Teenagers’ Value of Children: Social Class and Rural Urban Differences in Taiwan” Journal of Comparative Family Studies Vol.39, No.3. Yi, Chin-chun, et.al, 2006. “Grandparents, Adolescents, and Parents: Intergenerational Relations of Taiwanese Youth” Journal of Family Issues Vol.27, No.3.

November 2011

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