Global Mapping of Sociologists

The International Sociological Association has undertaken the development of the Global Mapping of Sociologists (GMS) to create the global database of sociologists.

GMS aims to identify, connect, and enable global collaborations in sociology, and support sociologists who encounter multiple barriers, economic and political, which impede participation in global exchanges.

GMS aims to increase the visibility of sociologists and their knowledge production and also be an important resource for sustained interaction with the media on a range of issues.

The GMS platform has the following goals:
• Build a comprehensive database of sociologists across the world
• Locate areas of specialties for sociologists (in English, Spanish and French)
• Offer search tools for seeking research collaborations across specialties and regions

At present GMS database includes some 90,000 entries. It contains abstracts and keywords of the ISA World Congresses and Forums of Sociology, as well as of articles published in ISA journals, International Sociology and Current Sociology.

Your participation is important to the success of GMS in building this global sociological community.

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