Executive Committee 2010-2014
Members of the Executive Committee
Ishwar Modi

Prof. Ishwar Modi (1940) did his Masters in Sociology and Ph.D. in Social Sciences from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur where he taught for 27 years. More than a dozen students have been awarded Ph.Ds under his supervision including a few foreign students. He was also a Visiting Professor at the prestigious Indian Institute of Health Management Research.

Organizational experience
Prof. Modi has extensively travelled (to more than 30 countries), participated, chaired, and delivered Keynote Addresses at several international conferences. and conferences in Asia, Europe and the Americas. International organizations such as World Leisure Organization and International Institute of Peace through Tourism have been inviting him to Moderate/Coordinate/Facilitate and Chair at their various conferences. WLO’s International Center of Excellence (WICE) has been inviting him to the Netherlands as a Visiting Faculty to address its M. Sc. Students for several years and is its Country Representative ever since its inception (1992). Prof. Modi has consecutively attended the ISA World Congresses of Sociology since 1986 and chaired sessions at all these Congresses.

Prof. Modi has enough experience of running a large association and has enough understanding of the issues of membership and finances being the immediate past-Secretary of the Indian Sociological Society, having 3000 members. He was instrumental in materializing MOUs between ISS and the National Sociological Associations of Brazil, Poland and Russia and also a Reciprocal Agreement between the ISS and the British Sociological Association during 2009.

He was also President of the Rajasthan Sociological Association (2005-08). Besides being President of ISA RC 13, he is an active member of quite a few ISA RCs viz. RC 15 (Health), RC34 (Youth), RC35 (COCTA), RC37 (Arts), RC50 (International Tourism) and RC53 (Childhood) and has organized the mid-term conferences of ISA RC13, 15 and 50 in India. It was largely due to his initiative that the present Executive of ISA took the historical decision of providing both the ISA Journals: Current Sociology and International Sociology online free of cost. Prof. Modi was elected three times (1991-99) on the Board of Directors of WLO which has consultative status with UN and UNESCO. WLO conferred its rare distinction of Honourary Life Membership on him in 1994.

Major publications
Leisure, Mass Media and Social Structure (1985), Drugs: Addiction and Prevention (1997), Human Values and Social Change (2000), Themes in Social Stratification and Mobility (2009)

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