Executive Committee 2010-2014
Vice-President, Research

Margaret Abraham

For the past two decades Margaret’s research has been in the areas of
domestic violence, gender, ethnicity, migration, and the South Asian
Diaspora. More recently, she has been looking at globalization,
specifically call center work in the context of business outsourcing to

Margaret has published in various journals, including Violence Against
Women, Gender & Society, Indian Journal of Gender Studies, and Social
Justice. In addition, she has authored a book, Speaking the
Unspeakable: Marital Violence Among South Asian Immigrants in the United
(Rutgers University Press, 2000; American Sociological
Association Section on Asia and Asian America Outstanding Book Award in
2002) and a co-edited book, Contours of Citizenship: Women, Diversity
and the Practices of Citizenship
(Ashgate, Spring 2010).

Organizational experience
Margaret has served as a Board Member in community based organizations
(CBOs) and also as a National Advisory Board Member on projects related
to violence against women. She serves on the Editorial Board of Gender
& Society
, and Sociological Perspectives. Margaret was the Chair of
the Department of Sociology at Hofstra University and also served as the
Director of Women’s Studies. She is the Special Advisor to the Provost
for Diversity Initiatives.

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