Executive Committee 2010-2014
Members of the Executive Committee
Tom Dwyer

Associate professor of Sociology, University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil since 1984. BA (hons) Victoria University (New Zealand), doctorate L’École de hautes études en sciences sociales (Paris), post-doctoral fellow at Canterbury (NZ) and Cornell (USA). He has been a visiting scholar in universities in Europe, the Americas and Oceania. Published a total of 7 authored and edited books (mainly in Portuguese), among which Life and Death at Work – industrial accidents as a form of socially produced error (Plenum, New York and London). His early publications had an interdisciplinary focus, it brought sociological perspectives on work into engineering, medicine, ergonomics and psychology journals. His most recent articles in English include “Too much computer and Internet use is bad for your grades, especially if you are young and poor: Results from the 2001 Brazilian SAEB Computers & Education, Vol. 51, 2008, a product of his research on information society and youth issues, and on the sociology of sociology and globalization, “On the Internationalization of Brazilian Academic Sociology” ISA E-Bulletin, no. 13, July, 2009.

President of the Brazilian Sociological Association SBS for two terms, 2005-2009, during which the 2007 ISA Executive Committee meeting was held in Recife, bi-annual conferences consolidated at 2,600 participants, SBS increased to over a thousand post-graduate members, and sociology was reintroduced into the national secondary school curriculum on a compulsory basis. Member of RC30 Sociology of Work and vice-president for Latin America of RC34 Sociology of Youth.

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