International Sociology
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2003. Volume 18. Editor: Saďd Amir Arjomad
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International Sociology
Vol. 18, No. 4, December 2003. Abstracts

On Comparative Analysis, Interdisciplinarity and Internationalization in Sociology
Neil J. Smelser

Debating Civil Society
Peter Ester and Henk Vinken

Social Capital and Self-Employment
Paolo Barbieri

Leveraging Local Action
JoAnn Carmin, Barbara Hicks and Andreas Beckmann

Book Reviews

Azurmendi, Joxe, Los Espańoles y los Euskaldunes, reviewed by Andreas Hess

Vermeulen, Hans and Joel Perlmann, Immigrants, Schooling and Social Mobility: Does Culture Make a Difference?, reviewed by Tamas Kozma

Fligstein, Neil, The Architecture of Markets. An Economic Sociology of Twenty-FIrst-Century Capitalist Societies, reviewed by Dieter Bogenhold

Muller, Jerry Z., The Mind and hte Market: Capitalism in Modern European Thought, reviewed by Dieter Bogenhold

Beckert, Jens, Beyond the Market. The Social Foundations of Economic Efficiency, reviewed by Dieter Bogenhold

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International Sociology
Vol. 18, No. 3, September 2003. Abstracts

Gender Matters: Studying Globalization and Social Change in the 21st Century
Esther Ngan-ling Chow

Recasting our Understanding of Gender and Work during Global Restructuring
Jean L. Pyle and Kathryn B. Ward

Globalization, Women and (In)equity in the South: Constraint and Resistance in Barbados
Ann B. Denis

Labor Export in the Context of Globalization: The experience of Filipino Domestic Workers in Rome
Ligaya Lindio-McGovern

Carrying the Burdens of Adjustment and Globalization: Women and Microenterprise Development in Urban Zimbabwe
Mary Johnson Osirim

Neoconservative Realities: The Social and Economic Marginalization of Canadian Women
Lea Caragata

Interpreting Islam and Women's Rights: Implementing CEDAW in Pakistan
Anita M. Weiss

Globalization and its Mal(e) contents: The Gendered Moral and Political Economy of Terrorism
Michael S. Kimmel


Eudine Barriteau, The Political Economy of Gender in the Twentieth Century Caribbean
Hans-Peter Blossfeld and Sonja Drobnic (eds), Careers of Couples in Contemporary Society
Linda Connolly, The Irish Women's Movement: From Revolution to Devolution
Nikki Craske and Maxine Molyneux (eds), Gender and the Politics of Rights and Democracy in Latin America
Carmen Luke, Globalization and Women in Academia: North/West-South/East
Patricia Mohammed, Gender Negotiations among Indians in Trinidad, 1917-1947
Monika Zulauf, Migrant Women: Professionals in the European Union
Reviewed by Ann B. Denis

Mehrangiz Kar, Tose'h va Chalesh haye Zanan-e Iran (Women's Participation in Politics: Obstacles and Possibilities)
Jaleh Shadi Talab, Mosharekat-e Siasi Zanan, Mavane'va Emkanat (Development and Challenges of Iranian Women)
Reviewed by Poopak Taati

Barbara Hobson (eds), Making Men Into Fathers: Men, Masculinities and the Social Politics of Fatherhood
Reviewed by R. W. Connell


International Sociology
Vol. 18, No. 2, June 2003. Abstracts
Markets, Governments, Communities and Global Governance
Alberto Martinelli

Process Rationality as Legal Governance: A Comparative Perspective
Wolf Heydebrand

On the Theoretical and Methodological Context of Cross-National Inequality Data
Timothy Patrick Moran

Resisting Globalization? Turkey-EU Relations and Human and Political Rights in the Context of Cosmopolitan Democratization
Chris Rumford

The Sociological Analysis of Professionalism: Occupational Change in the Modern World
Julia Evetts


Stephen Castles and Alastair Davidson, Citizenship and Migration: Globalization and the Politics of Belonging
Reviewed by Marco Martiniello

Doug Guthrie, Dragon in a Three-Piece Suit: The Emergence of Capitalism in China
Reviewed by Edward Webster

Daniel B. Cornfield and Randy Hodson (eds), Worlds of Work: Building an International Sociology of Work
Berch Berberoglu (ed.), Labor and Capital in the Age of Globalization: The Labor Process and the Changing Nature of Work in the Global Economy
Reviewed by Kevin McCormick

Victor W. Marshall, Walter R. Heinz, Helga Kruger and Anil Verma (eds), Restructuring Work and the Life Course
Reviewed by Jacob John Kattakayam

M. N. Srinivas, Collected Essays
Reviewed by Roland Lardinois

Ulrike Schuerkens, Du Togo allemand aux Togo et Ghana indépendants: changement social sous régime colonial
Reviewed by Comi M. Toulabor

Anthony Vaux, The Selfish Altruist: Relief Work In Famine and War
Reviewed by Amrita Rangasami

Can-Seng Ooi, Cultural Tourism and Tourism Cultures: The Business of Mediating Experiences in Copenhagen and Singapore
Krishna B. Ghmire (ed.), The Native Tourist: Mass Tourism within Developing Countries
Reviewed by Julia Harrison


International Sociology
Vol. 18, No. 1, March 2003. Abstracts


From the Editor
Saďd Amir Arjomand

Law, Political Reconstruction and Constitutional Politics
Saďd Amir Arjomand


Regimes Reinventing Themselves: Constitutional Development in the Arab World
Nathan J. Brown

Constitutions and Political Reconstruction? Israel's Quest for a Constitution.
Ruth Gavison

A Globalizing Constitutionalism? Views from the Postcolony, 1945-2000
Julian Go

The Rule of Law and the Politics of Reform in Post-Revolutionary Iran
Keyvan Tabari

Postcolonial Collages: Distributions of Power and Constitutional Models, with Special Reference to South Africa
Heinz Klug


The Role of Constitutional Courts in the Transition to Democracy, with Special Reference to Hungary
László Sólyom

Parliament and the Political Class in the Constitutional Reconstruction of Poland: Two Constitutions in One
Jacek Kurczewski

Constitutionalism and the Presidency in the Russian Federation
Anders Fogelklou

Moral Definitions of Constitutionalism in East Central Europe: Facing Past Human Rights Violations
Grazyna Skapska


Constitutional Negotiations: Political Contexts of Judicial Activism in Post-Soviet Europe
Kim Lane Scheppele

Women and the Cost of Transition to Democratic Constitutionalism in Spain
Ruth Rubio-Marín

Dissolution of Political Parties by the Constitutional Court in Turkey: Judicial Delimitation of the Political Domain
Dicle Kogacioglu


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