Dissertation Abstracts

Cartography of freedom: Analysis of life trajectories in women after imprisonment

Author: Lucia Espinoza Nieto , lucia_espinoza_nieto@hotmail.com
Department: Gender department
University: Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos , Mexico
Supervisor: Dra. Marta Caballero
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: Women , Jail , Life course , trajectories
Areas of Research: Women in Society , Deviance and Social Control , Famine and Society


This research focuses on exploring the process of resocialization in different life trajectories (educational, labor, marital, reproductive and sexual) of women who have been released from prison. I try to understand how they have rebuilt their lives after the imprisonment, and how gender and class inequality are a point of reference throughout their life course. With this, I investigate turning points and transitions in order to give meaning to their reality and make visible the strategies that women carry out to face life after prison where the burden of social stigma remains constant. The hypothesis that sustains this research, points out that women entering, staying and leaving prison experience changes in their social roles as mother, wife and provider, which positions them in a dynamics of re-socialization through practices based on prohibition of freedom as a result of gender and class inequality throughout their life course.