Dissertation Abstracts

Women Empowerment through Islamic and Traditional Microfinance-A comaprative study

Author: Bohi Shajahan, bohi.shah@gmail.com
Department: Faculty of Arts and Social Science
University: Bangladesh University of Professionals, Bangladesh
Supervisor: Dr. Shamsunnahar Khanam
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: Islamic microfinance , Microfinance , Women , Bangladesh
Areas of Research: Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy


Gender equity has been a significant part of the development agenda for most of the nations. Bangladesh aims to increase economic participation of women. For many years microfinance has served as a dominant method for women development enabling increase in income, better health condition, standard of living and empowerment and also face less violence. In this field a new type of microfinance known as Islamic micro financing has emerged which has proved to reduce some of the challenges caused by mainstream microfinance. Though there has been research on both types of microfinance not many have compared how each of them help women development. The current study trough literature and other tools aims to find if there is any difference amongst the clients of both types of financing. Moreover the study will try to identify the challenges of women in both modes of financing and try to provide recommendations accordingly. Through this paper researchers will get a comprehensive view of types of financing in Bangladesh, its advantages and disadvantages. Recommendations will also be provided for improving both types of financing. Thus this paper will make significant contribution in the field of development studies and aid in the strategy developments of policy makers.