Dissertation Abstracts

Relationship between family violence and psychological health in married women

Author: Parisa Abbasi, parisa110885@gmail.com
Department: sociology
University: National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarus
Supervisor: Nicolai Baranovski
Year of completion: 2018

Keywords: Family violence , physical violence , sexual violence , mental violence
Areas of Research: Family Research , Mental Health and Illness , Women in Society


There is indoor violence against women all over the world. The studies have shown that most women do not blurt their rigorous life conditions and being smacked by their husbands because of some these severities has a lot of negative physical and mental outcome for the victim women's. This paper is about the study of the relationship between the family violence and married women's psyche health in Bokan. In this study 380 women has been examined in two equal groups," the case and the witness" (each group consists of 190 people) in two places, the family court (the case group) and the place of living (witness group). They fill in the family violence questionnaire (prepared by researcher), and the general health questionnaire, Standard GHQ-28. The resulted information analyzed by Regression and Spearman ordinal correlation coefficient test and the way analysis through software SPSS 16. We observed that the rate of every kinds of violence (physical violence, sexual violence, mental violence and economical violence) in case group is obviously much more than in witness group. The mental health grade of the case group is higher than witness group. This increase in grade in case group shows the problems in this group. Also the results show the outcomes of family violence and husband forces against women and it emphasizes that violence hurts the women's mental health. As we know women are half of a society population. And they are in charge of children rearing, so their psyche health has a lot of importance. Therefore, trying in preventing violence against women in society and at tempt to improve women's mental health can help us to have a healthy society.

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