Dissertation Abstracts

Cultural Capital Similarities Among the Chinese-Educated and Non-Chinese-Educated Malaysian Chinese

Author: Chan, Rachel SK, rachelchansuetkay@gmail.com
Department: Anthropology & Sociology
University: University of Malaya, Malaysia
Supervisor: Juli Edo & Rosila Bee Md Hussain
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: ENGLISH

Keywords: cultural capital , socialisation , cultural homogenisation , identity formation
Areas of Research: Local-Global Relations , Communication, Knowledge and Culture , Youth


Malaysian Chinese can be identified by their schooling - Chinese-educated, and non-Chinese educated. In the past, members of both groupings were identifiable by their different mindsets resulting from the norms and values passed down through schools. As a result of globalising social forces, however, these differences have been theorised by some to have decreased. My research shows that these differences have decreased on the superficial level, but the underlying phenomenologies of the two distinct cultural capital groups have been affected by the profit motive.