Dissertation Abstracts

The role of civil society organisations in the delivery of social services and their potential to create social innovation in a post-conflict context.

Author: Aleksandar Bozic, aleksandar.bozic@uia.no
Department: Sociology and Social Work
University: The University of Agder, Norway
Supervisor: Tale Steen-Johnsen
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: civil society , social services , social innovation , social welfare
Areas of Research: Social Transformations and Sociology of Development , Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management , Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy


The topics of social innovation, CSOs and social welfare have been predominately analysed from the perspective of the western developed countries, while it remains mostly overlooked about post-conflict or weak performing countries. In light of that, the study will examine whether and how CSOs engaged in post-war relief with a more traditional role can be involved in the process of social innovation by finding alternative solutions for social problems and adjusting themselves into the possible position of innovators and service providers. It will also try to explain how the triad relationship between international donor-local CSOs and local government affects the welfare sector, not only by filling the gap with social services but also by creating potential co-production, values co-creation, and mechanisms of social innovation in a more turbulent and uncertain the welfare context. This is a mixed method sequential explanatory design study that focuses predominately on the post-war context of the Western Balkan region. It will try to bring a new light on how activities that could be perceived as socially innovative coming from the civil society sector can strengthen social cohesion in the context of challenging social welfare policy and practice.