Dissertation Abstracts

Setting Public Policy for Theater in Sao Paulo: Mário de Andrade’s guidance at Department of Culture (1935-1938)

Author: Nadia Saito, nsatiw@usp.br
Department: Department of Performing Arts / School of Communications and Arts
University: University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Supervisor: Elizabeth Azevedo
Year of completion: 2018
Language of dissertation: Portuguese

Keywords: Mario de Andrade , Public Policy , Theatre , Culture
Areas of Research: Arts , Theory , Work


The international performances produced during these years established an artistic and cultural tendency heavily influencing the dynamics of Sao Paulo's theater scenery. The cultural consumption was adapted for the demand created by some important entertainment entrepreneurs, mainly from Europe. Immigration policy brought more than arms to work, it framed patterns and shaped a cultural industry. In addition, the modernizarion of the producion system at that period became a contraditory issue to the economic-social structure of the Brazilian State. The proposed thesis analyzed different primary historical sources such as institutional documents, periodicals, and personal letters from Mário de Andrade, the Director of the Department of Culture in São Paulo. It is considered that the national policy for culture, as for other sectors such as economy, trended the making of public policy for the theater to the creation of institutional models in São Paulo conforming national templates. Intellectuals and artists attended to be State agents under Vargas' project of national unity structuring the making of theatrical production.