Dissertation Abstracts

The Conception of Community in the Principle of Community Self-development from Classical European Sociology

Author: Anabel Díaz Hurtado, anabeld@uclv.edu.cu
Department: Centro de Estudios Comunitarios
University: Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas, Cuba
Supervisor: Joaquin Alonso Freyre
Year of completion: 2017
Language of dissertation: español

Keywords: community , classical sociological theory , Community Self Development , content analysis
Areas of Research: Theory , Environment and Society , Social Indicators


The study of the idea of ??community in classical sociological theory is based on the revision of the conceptual bases on which the principle of Community Self-Development of the Center for Community Studies of the Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas is based. This center was founded from a multidisciplinary conception according to the professional composition of its members and the requirements of its research practice and social intervention. Based on the work that was being carried out and the existing government demands, the concept of self-development began to be developed, the community being its fundamental category of analysis. According to the current academic and action research activity, it is necessary to focus the sociological contents that served as the basis for the conception of the community as a central category of analysis. It is the objective of this investigation to determine the sociological foundation of the conception of community raised in the principle of Community Self-development from the analysis in the classical European sociological theory. Based on the methodological design proposed, the method of content analysis is used as a procedure applied to the empirical contrast of the works that serve as a background. The contributions made are framed in the field of community development specialty, applicable to the theoretical, methodological and practical activity that the Center for Community Studies is currently fulfilling.