Dissertation Abstracts

Building Indecisiveness and Confusion: A Sociological Study to Examine the Health Perceptional and Behavioral Trends In Portugal and Turkey

Author: Okan Baldil, klonlama@gmail.com
Department: Sociology
University: Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
Supervisor: Carlos Fortuna
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: Information overload , Choice Overload , Health information , Decision-making
Areas of Research: Health , Risk and Uncertainty , Mental Health and Illness


With the development of medical and bodily technologies and profound studies in the field of health communication, the dissemination of health information may have become much faster and more influential than in the past decades. The bombardment of health information may be one consequence of the individual expectations from health communication. However, besides individual expectations, various sectors pull the daily life, body and health to their production agendas in the name of a healthy life and target increasing the speed and frequency of consumption. The possibility that the present health understandings may create confusion and negative feelings about health behaviors and a negative body image in individuals has not been adequately examined in the related fields. This lack may create a point which should be focused on and investigated. If I can succeed reaching the goals of my study, the discussions and results from this thesis study may be useful for a better targeted intervention and a better reassesment of intervention for health policies and applications.