Dissertation Abstracts

Social and regional structure of the middle class during the adjustment period and the post-convertibility (Argentina, 1976-2012)

Author: Sacco, Nicolás , nsacco@sociales.uba.ar
Department: Cátedra Demografía Social
University: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Supervisor: Susana Torrado
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: Spanish

Keywords: Argentina , Middle Class , Demographic Dynamics , Reproductive revolution
Areas of Research: Population , Stratification , Theory


Diachronic comparative analysis on social and demographic structure of the Argentine middle class.
Identify population-specific growth effects, changes in the dynamics, structure and spatial distribution of the application of the economic model during the adjustment period (1976-2002) and the post-convertibility (2003-2012) in the middle class. In the long term, this project proposes to empirically study the differentiation of the population by social classes, with emphasis on measurement and differentiation of the middle class between 1976 and 2012.