Dissertation Abstracts

Public Procurement in Systemic Corruption Environment

Author: Ivan Langr, ivan.langr@volny.cz
Department: Public and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences
University: Charles University, Czech Republic
Supervisor: František Ochrana
Year of completion: 2020
Language of dissertation: Czech

Keywords: systemic corruption , public procurement , illegal commission , anticorruption
Areas of Research: Deviance and Social Control , Law , Theory


The dissertation aims to examine the phenomenon of systemic corruption in the Czech public procurement environment and to propose a theoretical concept that would help to identify the causes and risks of this phenomenon. In parallel, the dissertation elaborates on the basis for proposing an effective anti-corruption policy that would address the underlying systemic causes. Methodologically, the dissertation builds on the analysis of public procurement by the Office for the Protection of Competition and the Supreme Audit Office, on the court case analysis and media discourse and also on interviews with respondents from the Czech public administration, academia, non-profit sector, and investigative bodies.