Dissertation Abstracts

Contextual factors influencing social capital development for migrant and minority ethnic background adolescent girls in Victorian sports clubs

Author: Dana Young, dana.young@unimelb.edu.au
Department: Centre for Health Equity, MSPGH, The University of Melbourne
University: The University of Melbourne, Australia
Supervisor: Dr Karen Block
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: Sociology of sport , Adolescent girls , Social Capital , Intersectionality
Areas of Research: Community Research , Migration , Sport


Much research and policy development has focused on the role that sport can play in the integration of people from migrant and minority ethnic groups in Australia. It is often assumed that participation in community-based sport leads to development and maintenance of social capital through the mechanism of diverse social interactions and increased access to associated resources, such a job opportunities. Elements of social capital are likely to be experienced differently however, depending on age, gender, culture, and ethnicity. This research therefore applies an intersectional lens to consider how these characteristics and overlapping systems of discrimination and power influence the social connections and capital developed through sports participation. This research employed a mixed methods approach to understand the experiences of adolescent girls from culturally diverse backgrounds participating in sport at two local sports clubs. It explores the characteristics of any social capital developed and the contextual factors that influence social capital generation. Data collection methods included focus group discussions, social capital network mapping, interviews and a cross-sectional survey conducted with a range of club members.