Dissertation Abstracts

Decentralization in Morocco after the movement of 20 February and the question of the fundamental rights of the local population - A sociological pilot study in the region of Fes-Meknes

Author: Ouafae Elarabi, ouafaeelarabi01@gmail.com
Department: Laboratory of Social Dynamics and Power Relations
University: Université Abdelmalek Essaadi, Morocco
Supervisor: Professor Zohra Elkhamlichi
Year of completion: 2023
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: decentralization , local actors , basic rights , local development
Areas of Research: Famine and Society


This paper addresses the problem of decentralization and its role in the realization of basic rights of the local population after the February 20 movement in Morocco and its demand for change and social justice. The paper adopts an exploratory sociological approach, open to other scientific fields concerned with local affairs, governance and development. A descriptive approach, both quantitative and qualitative, has been adopted for a better understanding of the phenomenon, on the one hand, and interpretating it, on the other. The research in the Fez-Meknes region was conducted on a sampling of 300 participants for quantitative research, and consisting of a sample of 25 members of local and regional councils for qualitative research, so that the "snowball" technique was adopted in the selection of the participants. While quantitative data were analyzed using analysis content, the quantitative data were analyzed by SPSS technique. The study concluded that the experience of decentralization of the studied area could not achieve the basic rights of the local population. The study further concluded that there is a symbolic dominance of the central actor over the local one, in the sense that the representations of the latter have not got rid of the idea of the centralization.