Dissertation Abstracts

Therapeutic culture, management and new approaches in career counselling

Author: Clara Acuña Rodríguez , clara.arodriguez21@gmail.com
Department: Sociology and Social Work
University: University of the Basque Country, Spain
Supervisor: Benjamín Tejerina
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: Spanish

Keywords: Employability , Activation , Subjectivities , Coaching
Areas of Research: labour market , Social Psychology , Work


European activation policies for employment have introduced a new approach to employment guidance programmes aimed at unemployed people, in which the concepts of employability and competences are central. New discourses based on self-help, coaching and personal management are introduced in these programmes, which are carried out by private social initiative entities with public funding. Among a selection of relevant programmes in Spain, the impact of these new discourses and approaches to intervention on unemployment in the shaping of the trajectories and discourses of their participants will be explored. The methodological approach will consist of a series of observations and interviews with participants vulnerable to unemployment by age and gender and technical staff of employment guidance.