Dissertation Abstracts

Social Structure and Cultural Production: Networks of Live Show in Italy

Author: Gallelli, Andrea , andrea.gallelli@unito.it
Department: Culture, Politics and Society
University: University of Turin, Italy
Supervisor: F. Barbera
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: Italian

Keywords: Cultural production , network analysis , cultural network
Areas of Research: Arts , Economy and Society , Communication, Knowledge and Culture


The relations among producers are central to the analysis of markets of cultural products and activities. The way in which producers relate to one another creates constraints and opportunities for the distribution of their products.
The market is constituted not only by the individual actions of producers, but also by the fact that producers connect one another and create systems of deep relationships, clusters, and systems of mutual support.
In my thesis, I apply network analysis to the cases of professional theatre and festivals in Piedmont, Italy.
The relational perspective fosters the knowledge of cultural markets adding to traditional information about individual characteristics of the organizations and global properties of the field, determinants of the social structure on economic outcomes.
The work presents general relational properties of the network, in terms of centrality, cohesion, and clustering. Then, I propose an analysis of the impact of this relational dimension on an organization's actions.

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