Dissertation Abstracts

The Uses and Appropriations of Facebook Among Teenagers of Buenos Aires City

Author: Linne, Joaquin , joaquinlinne@gmail.com
Department: Social Sciences
University: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Supervisor: Mario Margulis and Marcelo Urresti
Year of completion: 2015
Language of dissertation: Spanish

Keywords: Internet , Teenagers , Facebook , Popular Areas
Areas of Research: Social Classes and Social Movements , Communication, Knowledge and Culture , Sociocybernetics


This dissertation explores the expressiveness of identity, affection, corporality, gender, and violence that teenagers of popular sectors of the city of Buenos Aires perform on the social networking website, Facebook. Through interviews and daily virtual observations of walls and profiles of 2,700 teenagers, I found abundant empirical evidence confirming the greater tendency of these teens to compensate for their lack of social inclusion with a greater stake in Facebook. This dissertation also discusses how this type of recreational participation replaces social inclusion and civic engagement, which is lacking in many of these teenagers. Finally, I explore the ways that identity, gender construction, and corporality are developed interactively through social networking.