Dissertation Abstracts

Early Socialization in the Urban Environment

Author: Sibireva, Maria , vesna172@yandex.ru
Department: the Faculty of Sociology
University: Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
Supervisor: Irina Grigorieva, Doctor of Social Sciences
Year of completion: 2011
Language of dissertation: Russian

Keywords: sociology of childho , socialization , qualitative methods , urban environment
Areas of Research: Childhood , Environment and Society , Visual Sociology


The dissertation is devoted to the early socialization process (socialization of children till 8 years old) in a city environment.
The question of the "muffled" groups and the analysis of the emergence of research practices with regard to childhood, the reasons for their long absence in sociology, as well as the emergence of a new sociology of childhood, which has grown out of traditional theories of socialization, are at the center of this dissertation.
The dissertation also analyzes the approach of new research on early socialization.
On the basis of the processes of familization, institutionalization and individuation, the author discusses the role of agents of early socialization in a city environment.
The program and the results of sociological research by the technique "The Person in the City", based on socially-spatial characteristics of St.Petersburg (ecological, cultural, institutional macrolevels) are presented.
The author considers children's perceptions of social spaces and discusses the influence of different components of urban environment (high population density, availability of transportation and etc.) on children.
The possibility of the realization of the initiative "Child Friendly Cities" in the framework of new approaches to the study of children and modern childhood is also considered.